Pregnant Celebrities – Iskra Lawrence’s Latest Photo Shoot Video

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Iskra Lawrence’s Latest Baby bump Photo Shoot Video….

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Filmed a lil 6 month pregnancy body update (Link in my bio to my Youtube video) I wanted to share my perspective as everyone’s journey is unique, my body is changing so much in totally new ways – it’s fascinating. As someone whose experienced body dysmorphia and disordered eating I wanted to talk from a recovery point of view and hopefully help you feel more comfortable on this journey too And for those not able or struggling to conceive I’m sending you my love and just working through the legalities so I can do the $ giveaway to help support you Here the URL link to the video too🥰 . . . #pregnancy #preggo #6monthspregnant #babybelly #bodyconfidence #selflove #bodytransformation #pregnant

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Iskra Lawrence was born on 11 September, 1990 in Worcester, United Kingdom. Iskra Arabella Lawrence is a British model And Media Celebrity.

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[[Pregnant Celebrities – Iskra Lawrence’s Latest Photo Shoot Video ]]

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